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Many years ago, there was this majestic kingdom, known as the Kingdom of Rilo. This kingdom was full of life and beauty, but quickly became a desolate wasteland, all in part of the new tyrant King Gregory the Third. This man was not appointed King, no, he instituted a mutiny against the previous King, taking him from the throne and taking his life in the process.

Upon the rule of the new King Gregory, what once flourished with life, started to reek from the corpses of all of those who disobeyed his order. If one were to even look at this King in a way he did not deem pleasing, he would have you executed on the spot. This caused much havoc and chaos, and turned the land from a place of beauty, in to the wasteland it still partially is to this day.

The word spread of the tyrant King, and the land quickly became infested with thieves, muggers, monsters, and all of the things that once not go near the kingdom. It became a place of sorrow and despair, a punishment to those that spent their lives making the land what it used to be.

Having seen this go on for many years with no sign of slowing down, the villagers that were forced to remain there, had decided to form a secret group known as the Cloaked Initiative, a society that met in the dark of the night, and forged together a plan to take down this King and to try their best to stop the torture, the rape, the pillaging, and everything else this tyrant King has and will continue to cause if nothing was done about it.

The Cloaked Initiative began to meet every night, for months on end. At times, the group will slowly lose members and shrink, as each time the King and his men found a member of this society, they would hang them in their cloaks in the town center, as a threat and a message to this Cloaked Initiative, to cease and desist.. or suffer the same fate.

Knowing they had not much time left before they were all found out and hung for their insurgency, the Cloaked Initiative set a plan for that next night, to wage the final war upon this tyrant, and take him down for good and to restore the kingdom to its majestic beauty.

In the dark of the next night, the remaining members of the now small group set out across certain points of the Kingdom, each assigned a certain task. Two members would distract the guards, while another snuck in the back, another climbing the castle walls, and another disguised as a guard, to sneak directly in to the King's ranks to take him out.

The King was quickly alerted to what was happening, and immediately set his castle on lock-down. He managed to kill the entire society in mere moments, foiling their plans. He had archers take out the member climbing the castle wall, he had his hounds sent out and they chased down and mauled to death the members that had distracted the guards moments ago. He even managed to find the member that snuck in the back, and had ordered the guard by his side to slit the throat of the member.

Nothing was going to stop this King, and this had proved it. The King quickly became full of laughter, as he was able to dismantle an entire society that had been planning this for months, in mere moments. He was beside himself, and this is how he let his guard down.

You see, the society knew that going in to this, that none of them may make it out alive, and this was something they had to do. This was actually their plan all along. They had to sacrifice themselves, in the hopes that their loved ones, their children, families, and everyone else who would enter this land, by choice or not, wouldn't have to live under this tyranny.. and that's when it happened.

As the King was laughing hysterically, he was no longer paying attention to his surroundings. For you see, he didn't kill all of the society, for he had not known about the guard that had infiltrated his ranks. The same guard that he just had slay a member of his own society, unwillingly. As the king continued to laugh, the member of the society snuck up behind the King, and returned the same fate to him, slitting his throat as he let out one final laugh. The King dropped dead on the ground. The society had prevailed.

With their King now dead, the guards that served by his order were now set free as well. Most of them were not willingly serving him, but serving him for the same reasons the society wanted to take him down; from fear. Afraid he would hurt them, or better yet, would cause harm to their families or loved ones.

Free from this fear, the town slowly started to re-build this place back to the majestic kingdom it once was. The villagers decided to dismantle the castle where the King had reigned, but had decided to leave the gates to the Kingdom up, as a sign of remembrance for the many lives lost during this time. Those same gates are what we now refer to as the "Gates of Survival", the entry point to this land, a reminder of lives lost and a message to those who dare try this in the future.

Sadly, the man from the society that is the reason for all of this, disappeared mysteriously not long after taking down the King. Not a soul has seen nor heard from him since. The re-building, however, is still going on as we speak, many years later.. and though the land is a much brighter place then it was, it's unfortunately still infested with all the monsters, muggers, thieves and others that flocked to it at one point.. and this is where you come in, adventurer.

We need your help. We need you to help us re-build this kingdom, and we need you to help get rid of these horrible creatures from this land, and most importantly, we need your help to make this a flourishing kingdom once more.

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