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Welcome to Gates of Survival! Here are a few pointers to get you going:

How do I start playing?

For a video guide, see the following: to Youtube

Gates of Survival is essentially a game about leveling up skills. To get started, you should choose a Gathering skill like Fishing, Forestry, or Mining. Once you get to the skill page and enter it, you can choose to start auto-skill or you can start a normal skill. The auto-skill will train the skill for you even if you change to a different skill or go offline. The regular option will start working on that skill but it will stop if you go offline or go to a different skill.

What Skills should I choose?

You can review the links on the sidebar under skills to see what each skill offers and what's required to do each one. Generally, you will want to use the gathering skills first if you plan on using production skills. Production skills will help get you equipment needed for combat.

How can I level up my skill faster?

Boosts and Auras will always help the most, however you can increase your chance of succeeding with some skills by completing the quest Rowan the Forger which provides Skill Items that automatically upgrade themselves as you level up.

How do I get a Pet?

Pets can be obtained through the Pet Bazaar by purchasing them with Gems. Pets provide bonuses to skills when they are following you. When you first sign up, you get a Bat. With any pet, make sure to have the pet follow you to gain the benefit it provides.

How do I do quests?

It's best to start by checking in at the Quest Tower. You'll be able to unlock a couple skills through quests there, as well as the ability to create or join a clan. Clans can grant you a significant xp bonus.

How do I join a Clan?

To join a clan, you first need to complete a specific Quest called The Checklist. This quest is completed by you reaching level 15 with Forestry and level 20 with Mining. Once you have completed this, you can visit the Clan Kingdom to either start a clan or apply to one.

Where can I find more help if I need it?

There are 3 main ways to get help when you need it.

  • The FAQ in the Menu under Game Help and Options
  • The Wiki
  • Ask for help on Discord or in Chat

The community is very friendly and will be happy to help if they can.

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