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*Do you enjoy all the Pixel Style Artwork in Gates of Survival? Well if you do and are interested in supporting the Artist, stop by TeutonKnight's Website. He has custom made the majority of all images in the game so feel free to stop by his Website and show your support.
Notice: An Updated New Players Guide Tutorial video has been added to the Wiki, thanks to one of our very own Swamp Donkey. He has done a wonderful job and was able to cover many aspects of the game. If you are interested stop by his Youtube channel Swamps Hut. He will be adding other Tutorial videos for Gates of Survival in the near future.

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Welcome to the Official Gates of Survival Wiki

GoS is a massive online text and pixel based multiplayer role-playing game where you control your character by equipping armour and weapons of your choice, you get to decide which quests to go on and what skills to train. There are currently over 33 skills to train including combat, fishing, cooking, baking, thieving and gathering!

With a ever growing community of just over 10,000 accounts' and 200+ active players everyday this is by far a great game to get into.

This encompassing guide for, quite possibly, the coolest web-game in existence. This wiki serves as a paradise for new players and reference for those who've stuck around. If you are new here I suggest heading over to New Players Guide. This wiki is a work in progress, and is currently not complete. If you see something missing, or would like to contribute, please feel free to.

What is on the wiki? (Everything!)


Gates of Survival: Skills Menu
Gates of Survival: Locations Menu
New Player Tutorial
Skilling Guide

Thank you to all whom have contributed to this wiki, and continue to add new content each and every day.

Waldropit, TalasAmaruil, Mortalites, Roarbee, Kat, Bloodless, Jalford89, Hunter, Atlas, DoctorGrover. Anyone who wants to add their name that has contributed to the Wiki feel free to do so.