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How Do I Play? There's many ways you can play, but what you'll want to start off doing is clicking on the World Map! You will automatically be equipped with the essentials for skilling, so no need to buy anything to get going on training a skill. Just pick out a skill you'd like to start training and follow the prompts!
Do you have a Wiki or anything like that? We sure do! The Wiki is currently being maintained by a few of our fellow players, and can be found over at: http://gatesofsurvival.com/wiki/
Can I play on my phone or tablet? Yes! To play on your mobile phone or tablet, simply go to gatesofsurvival.com on your phone or tablet, and you will automatically be redirected to the Mobile version of the game! We are working on dedicated apps for Android and iOS as well, but for now you can play our "lite" Mobile version on any phone or tablet!
What is Gathering, and is it only for offline usage? Gathering is a brand new passive skill, which allows you to train and gather items! This is a special skill, in that it does not require the use of resources as normal skilling does, but to offset that, gathering is balanced by timers for every item / action in the game to be able to gather it. While the name might imply it is only for offline usage, you can actually use gathering and normal skilling at the same time! Gathering is mainly for when you want to still train and gather items and XP (you will get XP from the skill you are gathering from, as well as gathering XP), however you can use it whenever you'd like; you can even gather an item and then also use normal skilling to obtain even more of that item!

You can only do one gathering job at a time, and you must go to the Gathering Grotto to cancel out, or collect your reward for any gather. To start a gather, you simply need to unlock the item you want to gather (via normal skilling), and then click the "Start Passive Gathering" button and you're all set until you claim your rewards from the Gathering Grotto at your own pace!

What are Rank Points? Rank Points are a currency like system used in the game. Every action you do in the game, will earn you Rank Points. You'll receive 2 Rank Points per click, and if you're a member, you'll receive an extra +1 for every action. As a bonus as well, if you are #1 - #3 on the highscores for the skill you are training (outside of combat), you will receive another +1 point per action!

These Rank Points influence what "Skill Crown" you have, which is the little crown next to your name on the chat and many other places around the game. If you look below this post, there is a list of each Skill Crown, and at how many Rank Points you need to obtain it.

In addition to determining your skill crown, Rank Points can be spent on Cosmetic Items in the Outfits & Costume Shop, located within the Items Shop.

Is there any benefit to being in a clan? Yes. Simply put: bonus XP.

While in a clan, an amount of extra XP, above and beyond what you normally get for skilling, will be generated to (the bonus percentage is based on the clan tier). Most of that bonus XP will go in a clan "bank", but still be tagged as your bonus XP. A small amount of that bonus XP will go straight to you. Whenever you feel like it, you can ask the clan leader or officers to hand that XP in the "bank" that is tied to you, back out to you. In some clans, you can also trade that XP in the "bank" with other clan members first, and then have your new XP totals (after the trade) handed back out to you.

Also, many clans will support their members with some gold to get started with or with items from the clan bank when in a bind.

Note: In order to join a clan, you must first finish the "The Checklist" quest.

I'm stuck in an automatic skill, how do I stop? To stop training a skill, you must click on the "Abort Automatic Skill" button that appears under your Experience Bar. If you don't click this, skilling will continue until you either run out of stamina, materials, or press the button or close out the game. If you attempt to go to a new area while a skill is already being trained, the game will attempt to cancel it out automatically for you, but there are times when it will not be able to. Try to always make sure to abort a skill prior to starting a new one.
What is Luck, and how do I train it? Luck is a background skill of the game, and can't be trained directly (outside of playing Blackjack at the Casino). Luck is responsible for helping determine your success / fail ratio during all skills, as well as how often you receive random events and other cool stuff like that (items drops from combat, as well).
How do I heal? To heal your health, simply click on your HP over on the right side naviagation, where your character is. It will bring up the healing menu, where you can then select food to eat and heal with. If you don't have any food, you can either fish and cook food yourself, or purchase it at the Marketplace or from another player via Trading. You can also set "Auto Healing" in the Game Settings if you have food, and you will automatically eat one of that item so long as your health dips below the amount it heals during Looting or Combat.
How do I make money? You can make money in the game in many ways! From training skills and selling your materials to the Marketplace (or other players via Trading), to fighting monsters in the Fighting Grounds, completing quests, referring friends, and many other ways!
What are Timed Events? Timed Events are special bonuses that happen through-out the day at certain times each day. You might come across some of these randomly while playing, or you can even map out your skilling to coincide with them as well. For instance, if you fight a Mange Rat or a Boss at midnight, they are much stronger and will do much more damage; or for fishing, if you fish a certain fish at 4AM, you're more likely to catch more fish, and you gain extra experience doing so.
Does leveling up a skill increase my chance of successfully using that skill in the future?<b> Yes, it does. Success rates is based on how high your skills are in accordance to what you are harvesting or working on for that skill. so keep working on it for a higher chance of success!
<b>Where do I go to sell off my weapons / armors / supplies? For weapons and armors, you can sell them through the View Equipment / Pets tab on the Navigation bar. To sell multiple items, just tick the items which you want to sell and click on sell all checked items. As for your supplies, you can sell them off at the Marketplace or even get a higher return by trading with other at the Trading Post!
Why did I lose all the coin I was carrying with me? You will drop all the coins which you are carrying if you get killed by monsters while you are fighting. So, make sure you deposit your coin in the Bank before heading out for an adventure in the Fighting Grounds!
Why can't I access the mining shaft? You will need to complete one requisite quest : A Miner's Request, before being able to enter the mining shaft. There are also many other quests which you can go on at the Quest Tower so do check it out soon!
I saw someone with a cool pet, where do I get one? Pets are cool companions which will greatly help your journey through the Gates of Survival. There are alot of pets to choose from as different pets have different abilities to aid your journey. Get a Wolf to fight for you in the fighting grounds or a Fairy to magically take you to the end of the Agility course. Having tough luck? Try getting a Lucky Rabbit to improve your chances of getting bonus experience "Genie Lamps Events" and your success rates! All you need to do is head to the Buy Gems & Boosts tab at the Navigation bar, purchase some gems and go over to the Pet Bazaar to buy your desired pet!
I have some bones from the Fighting Grounds. What do I do with them? You can head over to the graveyard on the map, where you can bury them for prayer experience. As you level up Prayer, you will be able to pray for different auras to aid you in combat over at the Church just beside the graveyard.
I skipped the tutorial video, can I watch it again anywhere?
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