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Please read this introduction before you move on to editing (even if you are a master of wiki editing :) ). This page is 1) for those who want to learn how to edit, and 2) organizing/collecting desired/future edits (that you see would improve or add to the wiki). Note that this page is organized from top to bottom in order of importance (Including this introduction). An entire missing/uncreated page is more important than a missing data value or picture, however it is also more time consuming. If you are looking for a small task to do, the smaller piece are found towards the bottom sections of the page. You also don't have to complete the entirety of a task, if you only do part of it, that's okay. Every edit counts. :)

Polite editing:

Note the message at the bottom of each page (when editing), "Please note that all contributions to Gates of Survival may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. If you do not want your writing to be edited mercilessly, then do not submit it here. You are also promising us that you wrote this yourself, or copied it from a public domain or similar free resource (see Gates of Survival:Copyrights for details). Do not submit copyrighted work without permission!"

1) Make sure that your work is your own, 2) know that others may edit what you write ("that's okay, I know others may write better than me but I also know that their writing may not have been there in the first place because I created something that could be improved upon"), but 3) try to be polite about what you edit for others: keep the gist of their message if what they say is good, try not to nitpick over word choice (the difference between saying something differently and better is important to learn), and 4) remember that others may have perspectives and information that you don't. Wiki editing is collaborative, not competitive.

If you have questions about this page or wiki editing in general, you can contact me in-game or on the [Atlas6523 User Talk].

Needed Pages



Individual Quests.

Note: Even if the content does not yet exist in game, it is good to put what we do know of it (from what Rob has said and similar aspects of the game) and prepare the page for when it will be released. This helps maintain the wiki's integrity (wholeness) and to have placeholders for content so it is easier to edit and improve in the future.

Missing Sections on individual pages

Alchemy: nothing for Alchemy#Firemaking or Alchemy#Forging Arcane Magic, table that includes: Skill level, castable spells, XP gain, damage done, fail xp, fail damage (to self) Archery tables that include: skill level, type of arrow usable, type of bow/crossbow useable, XP gain, damage done?, fail xp. Combat, all monsters for Stone Ruins Creatures, as well as the 5 sections below.

Small Pages

Pages that can/should be expanded somehow (because they're important), but have very little information on them. Attack, Defense, Health, Luck?, Strength.

Have a note somewhere about Game Time running 5x the speed of Server Time. Not sure the best place to put this

Tables with missing data

Combat, make sure each table has the following (9, for quick counting) columns and data: Icon, name, level, health, damage, immunities, xp, max coin, item drops.

Fail Experience throughout the wiki:

Alchemy has none: Botany, Cooking (needs new fish too), crafting, fishing, firemaking, forging, forestry, jewelcrafting, prayer, smelting, mining, woodcarving. Check that this is all of the skilled items. Mining, cryptic ore.

Missing Pictures

A LOT in the forge. Create list here.

Cut/Uncut diamond

Add how to upload pictures here.

Page linking

This helps all content be accessible and interconnected (like a network or spiderweb). Note that you can link to pages that have not been created yet, and once that page is linked, you click on it to create that page

If you see a word (e.g. a skill or location or some page), but that words isn't linked there or nearby (we don't need every word on the page linked) you can add that. Two ways to link: One, added double brackets[[]] around the word(s). If there is, the page will have a new link! Two, if the word is not the name of the page, that's okay. You can write/talk naturally and still link to the page, you do this by a double bracket, and then on the inside have a vertical line |. This is written as linked page|words being linked.

Remember, capitalization counts!! See example here: Main Page vs. Main page.

Check your link after editing to see that the name is right and that it goes to that page.


Links from other pages (incoming/receiving): You can also see a list of what pages link to that page by clicking the tool on the left side of the page: "What links here". URL for this page looks like: Edits). So if you want to work on a section, you can also use this page to brainstorm what you think should go here from what already links to that section.

Links to other pages (outgoing/leaving): Pages which do not link to any other pages here:


Add section on this page: How to edit _____. Also figure out how to add layers for sections (like bullet point indentations).

Separate tutorials from Desired edits into different sections, though have little links on this page to those sections: How to use "edit page" page: summary, minor edit, watch page, page preview and show changes, also check recent changes right before you save your post to make sure you are not saving over someone else's (and check recent changes in general); 's for emphasis on word sections (write it like you would say it out loud), and spacing to separate/make text look good; how to work with tables and editing values

Question on the "A to Z Directory" vs. the Main Page. The directory is not regularly updated, with all of the pages and such. This page automatically holds everything, maybe use it instead of either Directory or Main page?:

XP gained by finding jewels (cut or uncut) under mining and/or jewelcrafting

Create a page for Rob!! :)