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Chat Titles

Admin Chat Notifications

Chat Emoticons

are images (that representing feelings and ideas) that you insert into chat by typing their name.

Emotes are sorted by theme and alphabetically. Gifs may take a moment to load. Note that while they are all of various sizes here and some are enlarged for better viewing, they are all much smaller in chat.

Name Image
aladdin Aladdin.png
biblethump Biblethump.png
cactuar Cactuar.png
carlton Carlton.gif
coffee Coffee.gif
feelsbadman Feelsbadman.png
feelsgoodman Feelsgoodman.png
frankerz Frankerz.png
happyaccidents Ross.png
<3 Health.png
ohmydog Ohmydog.png
illuminati Illuminati.png
kappa Kappa.png
lenny Lenny.png
maryjane Maryjane.png
mimikyu Mimikyu.png
PCMR Pcmr.gif
ricericebaby Ricericebaby.png
riddler The riddle.png
rigged Rigged.png
salt Salt.png
Smashing Smashing.png
Name Image
pokeball Poke ball.png
greatball Great ball.png
ultraball Ultra ball.png
masterball Master ball.png

Below icons have the name of the icon next to them (but you don't input that to chat)

Name Image
:s (confused) Icon confused.gif
:| (evil) Icon evil.gif
:p (razz) Icon razz.gif
:( (sad) Icon sad.gif
:) (smile) Icon smile.gif
:o (surprised) Icon surprised.gif
;) (wink) Icon wink.gif
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