.::: Gates of Survival - Rules :::.

Rule #1: Cheating is NOT allowed! Cheating consists of using devices to train your character automatically (such an auto-clicker, or automated software), or any way of gaining an unfair advantage over other players (including using macros). We have many measures in place to track this kind of activity, and if you are caught cheating, your account will be banned, and you risk an IP ban from the game as well.

Rule #2: You must respect all members of the GoS Administrative and Moderation staff. If you have a problem with a staff member, then take it up with them privately, and without insulting or threatening them. If you do not follow this rule, you risk having your account muted, locked, and even possibly banned.

Rule #3: You can not abuse any bugs or glitches in the game, if you find a bug, it must be reported right away to an administrator. If you fail to-do so, or if you abuse it in any way possible without alerting a staff member, you will be banned from the game. This will not be tolerated.

Rule #4: Do not disrespect other players. This includes flaming, or any other forms of harassment or insulting. We fully allow sarcasm, and are fluent in it, however, there is a point where people may cross that line, and turn in to offensive. That is not okay. If we receive any information of you harassing or insulting someone via Player Chat, Forums, PM's, or any other medium of contact, we will enforce either a mute, suspension, or possibly even an account ban if the problem persists or is of an extreme nature.

Rule #5: You may only have four accounts registered in total (one main account, one alternate account, one ironman account, one hardcore ironman account). However, alternate accounts will not be able to interact with your main account in any fashion (from trading to each other, being in the same clans, ect.). For normal accounts, you may not use the accounts online at the same time (especially by running multiple browsers -- you CAN however have a normal account and an ironman or hardcore ironman running at the same time, this is acceptable use since there is no interaction between the accounts). Anyone found trading between these accounts, or using one to gather supplies for another will be permanently banned (on ALL ACCOUNTS). Having multiple accounts made to train one account is considered cheating, and it will not be allowed.

Rule #6: This rule is going to be referred to as the "common sense" rule. This means that if you think saying or doing something is bad or wrong, then you are not allowed to do it. This includes creating accounts with racist or homophobic names, posting adult content in the chat or other forms of inappropriate or adult behavior (this is a family friendly game), or doing anything that would make one question or have to ask if something is bad. Please, just use your common sense and we won't have to start muting or banning people for violating this. This rule is going to be enforced very strictly. We want this game to be a place for everyone to come and play, and not have to worry about this kind of stuff. Swearing is still fine (we all do it), but please just use your brain before using your keys is all we ask.

Rule #7: Scripting is no longer allowed (be it cosmetic or other), unless your script is sent to an admin (via the Support Desk) and approved. We used to allow scripting via TamperMonkey or other programs / extensions, however, it seems people are starting to try and make more and more scripts to gain an advantage over other players, which is a direct violation of Rule #1. If players continue to use scripts without submitting them for approval, those players risk being banned from the game (and also IP banned as well).

Rule #8: Trading items between "sister clans" is NOT ALLOWED. This is considered cheating, as you are leveraging two clans to level one (or making it all function as one unit, instead of two entities). This is a full violation of multiple rules above (yet isn't clear enough, apparently, so now it needs it's own rule). If you join a clan that also has a sister clan, you will be unable to trade, send PM attachments, transfer money through the bank, or any other means of interacting in the sense of sending items physically to anyone from members of one clan to the other. I sadly cannot trust my players to do this themselves, so I've had to block it internally through coding. This is non-negotiable. Anyone that makes accounts to by-pass this rule will be IP BANNED, and any clans partaking in this practice from the inception of this rule (on 12/18/2017) on-ward will be disbanded and the players involved also receiving full account bans as well as the IP bans stated prior.