What is Gates of Survival?

Gates of Survival is an idle text-based MMORPG where you create a custom character of your own and train them as you wish! There is a brand new world for you to explore and fight in. Want to make your own armour? Head to the mines and gather ore, smelt it into bars, and forge your own equipment. Want to gather and prepare your own food for combat? Fish, cook, and sell your goods to other players, or use it to heal yourself. Bind runes and create magic spells. Fight to your heart's content; enjoy your game experience with no advertisements, energy, stamina, or inventory limits!

Play alone, or join one of the many active clans (if you're ready for a challenge, try our Ironman or Hardcore Ironman game modes; Ironmen must fully fend for themselves without help from anyone, and Hardcore Ironmen must do the same while avoiding death)!

There are 33+ skills to train, including mining, prayer, forging, combat, forestry, archery, arcane magic, thieving, firemaking, runebinding, and more! Every single quest or skill in the game is 100% optional, which allows each and every player to create their own unique path in the game! Gates of Survival isn't just a game you can finish in a week, and we are constantly adding more new content and features on a weekly (and often daily) basis! We also have a suggestion boards system that allows players to suggest new features and have them voted on, and players can write and submit their own quests for consideration!

We currently have 18,655 accounts created (since 07/26/2015), and currently have quite a large and active community to play with! You can be assured that there are always players online to interact with while you are playing the game!

There are currently 61 players online playing the game right now!

   What does Gates of Survival offer?

  • We are entirely F2P! All skills & quests can be completed for free!
  • A new offline collection system, which allows you train gathering skills while logged-out (max. of 24 hours)!
  • A passive gathering system, which allows you to play online or offline and still train other skills at the same time (with no timeout limits)!
  • An automatic skilling system!
  • No advertisements!
  • No energy or stamina systems!
  • "Ironman" Mode: Make your own way without help from others!
  • "Hardcore Ironman" Mode: Be fully self-sufficient with only one life!
  • 33+ Skills to level up!
  • 6 Quests to venture on and complete.
  • 132+ Monsters to Fight
  • A Pets system, where you can train and level your Pets with you (30+ Pets available)!
  • A robust Clans System, which includes a clan depository and clan inventory!
  • A versatile Player to Player Trading System, as well as a Jobs Boards.
  • An active in-game Player Chat, where you can talk to anyone playing the game.
  • Regular updates every single week (normally daily)!
  • A very active community of players!
  • And much, much more!

Will you pass through the Gates of Survival?

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